Vision Canvas

Brief of the program

Is your Vision just a mere plank stuck on the wall, do you want it to become a living organism.

Or this year’s priorities and key focus Areas, do you want it to be imbibed and etched in the memories of people or just be forgotten after the conference?

Vision Canvas is an excellent opportunity for individuals to come together and paint a life size canvass while collaborating and yes competing with other teams. The teams competing to beat the clock and come up with a beautiful version of organizations values and priorities depicted in a fascinating picture that will catch everyones fancy .

This can also be a beautiful display in your office galary and will surely will be an interesting conversation piece whenever your business associates visit.

Well are you getting sweaty palms thinking of your last painting in school well don’t worry … we reiterate our promise that we will take out M F Husain and Picasso hiding inside you