Yes, Prime Minister! – Beyond Clean India

Clean is cliché let’s beautify our city… paint it red blue green orange… whatever your colour…Make it the sun, moon, bird, river, tree … anything you want it to be … put in the message that you believe in – peace, love, brotherhood…

Let the dead walls of the city come alive and scream the social causes you stand for – save the children, go green, animal rights …go forward pour your angst, love rebellion and everything in between uninhibited onto the walls of our lovely city

Let your teams come together to display their creation on the streets of the city and contribute their bit to make this city reflect beauty with purpose.

Learning Objectives
  • Purposeful team collaboration
  • Reinforcing organization’s major Social Beliefs
  • Understanding your teams’ social drivers
Suggested Event Occasions
  • CSR day
  • Employee engagement on special occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations
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