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About Us


Our Beliefs

  • We believe the best learnings happen experientially
  • We believe in fun and complete engagement as a foundation for learning and culture building.

Female making decision.

What We Do?

Red Butterfly is an Experiential Learning Provider for all your team-building and employee engagement requirements.

approach to team building

How do we approach Team Building?

Whatever is your top team building challenge like collaboration , trust, ownership, creativity or just a simple need for team bonding …. Once you convey your requirements to us, we shall design and deliver customized workshops. Our workshops are backed in deep knowledge while the execution is lighthearted and fun

Happy Browsing through our Services...

Adventure and Outdoor
Art Based Team Building
Art Based Offerings
Theatre based team building
Theatre Based Offerings​
Soulful re Engineering
Brick and Morter
No biz like show biz
No Biz like Showbiz
cooking diaries
Cooking Diaries
Music based Offerings
Music Based Activity
main poster theme
Thematic Team Building Events
Meet The Team

Meet the Team!

We are a bunch of good mad energies living in la la land and wish to give a sneak peak of this world to everyone.
If you give us “real world” challenge that your team is struggling with, we make everyone wear our special la la land eye gear and suddenly the real looks enchanting!

Why we do what we do

This is like why an orange gives a tangy refreshing juice … why is the juice not bitter
Because mad happy la la land energies can do only that …. Create more mad happy energies in every company

Call us for

If you have to convey anything mind numbing and complex in a fun la la land language.
If you understand the difference between fun and frivolous (for the record we offer the former) … call us now …
… we will leave our world and … just look across your window…we are fluttering to come in and visit your world… 😊

Clients who gave Colours to our Wings...

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