Cacophony to Symphony

Heard about all the stages of team development – forming, storming, norming and performing.

Well, most of us come into the organization at one stage or the other. Very few of us would be there right through the building of the organization. And those of them who have been together and have travelled this journey has been most strongly bonded

Give your a chance to your employees to experience all stages of team building and dynamics through music

Let a bunch of individuals be challenged into working as a team to create an orchestra together. What starts with total disbelief and chaos slowly ends in teams creating notes one after other, and placing them in symphonic sequences. By the end of the workshop, the teams present their creation to an audience who are stunned and delighted at the same time.  This is pretty much like building an organization piece by piece and finally showcasing your product to the world to admire.

Learning Objectives
  • Breaking Mindsets – open your teams to new challenges
  • Goal Alignment
  • Appreciating unique contributions
  • Collaboration and seamless delivery
Suggested Event Occasions
  • Launch of a new team project
  • Meet of global teams
  • Cross-functional departments meet
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