Cake Wars

Love them, detest them, avoid them, we have finally given in to their temptation… there is something about cakes. They have been a witness to our growing up years and a constant companion to all our happy memories. If there is one thing which is synonymous with celebrations across the globe …. They are Cakes.

Transform your conference into a cake factory where teams create their own cake creations that can be around your conference themes. Watch the teams come together to create a storyboard and then get crafty to bring their edible creations to life.

This is one sweet treat the memory of which will be savored by your teams for life.

Learning Objectives
  • Reinforcement of targets, milestones, vision etc.
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Team resourcefulness
Suggested Event Occasions
  • Target setting/visioning workshops
  • Founders’ day
  • Milestone achievement day
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