Diamond Dash

As the name suggests, the diamond dash is the ultimate test of your team’s ability to perform under pressure and come out as sparkling diamonds.

You are now invited to complete a medley of projects. Successful completion of each of these projects will fetch your reward points. The success criterion is to complete the project within prescribed guidelines, time constraints and more importantly with the least amount of errors/rework.

Each mini-project checks your team’s ability to handle mentally and physically challenging tasks through various team games. Every team game has points that have to be earned at the same time the overall project completion timelines have to be adhered to.  

As the clock ticks and the pressure of completion increases, that’s the test of delivering quality output without compromising timelines.

All the crucial lessons in team dynamics of execution under pressure, project management skills, high level of collaboration will be tested in this adrenalin-raising Diamond Dash.

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