Music Recycled

If you think you need all the right settings, the right instruments and mastery over them to produce great music, well think again.

Music recycled is a very interesting team activity where teams are challenged to create music out of junk. Yes the very stuff we usually discard … well when creativity and magic flow through your veins, you can create music and magic anywhere.

When a masterpiece is created out of junk, it will force your team to rethink the limitations that they face every day in terms of resources. Next time they whine over a lack of budgets, rising project costs or any other constraints, just remind them what did they create in the last team offsite.

Learning Objectives
  • Innovation
  • Possibility thinking
  • Creativity under constraints
  • Empathize and complement each other’s limitations
Suggested Event Occasions
  • Kick-off meets of cost optimization projects
  • Meetings of organization improvement teams Eg. R&D, Project
  • Sales meet where product revival is the theme
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