Pipe Pipers

Well, you think leading teams in organizations is tough … well take some lessons from the legend of the age-old pied piper to learn to charm and lead organizations.

Participants not only learn the art of leadership but also of followership. Every leader was once a follower and every follower will be a leader tomorrow.

Learn the art of leadership and followership through not one but many colourful pipes coming together. The facilitator will explain to you the interesting working of these instruments and then leave it completely to you and your teams to go on a journey to co-create your tune.

Yes, lead your pack into creating some high-energy music … Experience role reversals and empathize with the challenges of a leader and the follower.

Learning Objectives
  • Art of Leadership
  • Art of followership
  • Rising to the challenge of a new role
  • Empathy for different roles in an organization
Suggested Event Occasions
  • The team meets comprised of different hierarchy levels
  • Leadership retreats
  • Large Annual Team Meets
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