Roman Catapult

Roman Catapult is an activity that fosters creativity, small team achievement orientation along with keeping an eye on the overall big-picture vision for your organization.

The way it is done:

Participants are divided into smaller teams and are challenged to make the ancient Roman Catapult Machine

All the materials required for the same are supplied to the participants along with a detailed brief for every team on “how to” build the machine. There is scope for every team to put in their creativity to tweak the design and come up with their own version of the machine.

Once the machine is ready, the teams are supposed to exhibit the performance of their respective machines as to how long they can throw the ball when launched.

Now all the participants come together as one team to form a relay of launchers wherein the output of one becomes the input of the other team.

The objective for them is to maximize the relay so that the ball tossed covers the maximum distance.

If the participants would have hushed through their own design to save time/cost, it will show in the overall organization’s performance. The idea is to also exhibit the snowball effect of inefficiencies in smaller subparts of an organization.

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